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Airborne Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) works for housing associations and local councils to carry out asbestos surveys in their properties. This is a normal part of the property maintenance process, and all housing associations and councils are required to do this.

If you have been contacted by a member of the AEC Homes Team there is no need to be alarmed.  It means that your landlord is doing their job to manage the refurbishment work in your property and to manage the planned work or any future reactive maintenance tasks.

Although asbestos sounds serious, it is actually a common material found in many properties that have been built or have undergone major refurbishment pre-2000. If managed properly asbestos is no cause for concern.  Your landlord will request a survey within your home for future general maintenance or planned refurbishment work if you are having a new kitchen or bathroom, new windows or doors and roofing work.  Many building projects also require upgrades for electrics or heating and the surveyor will need to check these areas.   They may also ask us to carry out a re-inspection within communal areas of flats and sheltered accommodation and therefore within flats and sheltered accommodation, you may see our team within the staircase, lift lobbies, corridors or plant areas within flats.   This is a normal part of the inspection process.

Asbestos survey

Our surveyor may need to to carry out a survey if your landlord has planned repairs/ improvement works / refurbishment in your home. There are a different types of surveys and this will depend on the work that is planned for your property.  When carrying out surveys, this will involve taking a small sample of building material to take away for testing, please see the home image for typical locations .  When carrying out a survey ahead of refurbishment work, we will need to open up areas within a kitchen or bathroom for example behind a bath panel, above a ceiling or within boxed in areas on walls.  This may create a small intrusion that will be taped over, however this will be repaired as part of your building project. 

The surveyor may ask you to move stored items to allow the survey to reach the areas where your refurbishment work will take place and will discuss this during the survey process.  The information collected during the survey is needed to allow the work to progress safely.  The results will be sent to your landlord before any works are carried out.

Asbestos re-inspection

Our surveyor will attend your home to check any areas where records show that asbestos has been found to be present.  The inspection will not cause any damage to your property, although we may need to move a ceiling tile or bath panel to check certain areas.

Your appointment day

We will need someone over the age of 18 years old to be home on the day of the inspection to give us access to your home. Our Homes Team will call you to make an appointment and text you nearer the date with a reminder. You may wish to keep our numbers safe so you know who is calling you.   You can also use these numbers to contact us if you need to reschedule your appointment.  Manchester Tenants:  Telephone 0161 6769997 or 0161 6726727  or  Liverpool Tenants: Telephone 0151 5417479

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more about what to expect and how to prepare for your appointment. 

Need to contact us?

If you have any queries please complete the tenant enquiry form below or call us on Tel. 0161 6769997/0161 6726727 (Manchester) or Tel. 0151 5417479 (Liverpool)

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Your landlord may have requested  us to  carry out an asbestos survey before any major work is done on your property to identify if any asbestos-containing materials are there which may be disturbed.  We also carry out regular re-inspections in properties with communal areas to make sure asbestos-containing materials are in a safe condition.

Our surveyor will arrive at the agreed appointment time.   They will be wearing an AEC uniform and have an ID badge.


The surveyor will have a plan of your property and will know which areas they need to inspect.  The inspection is a visual inspection only  so there is no damage to your property.  The surveyor will inspect areas where the asbestos has been previously identified and check the condition of the material.  They will take a photograph of the materials and record their findings on a hand held tablet device.

Surveying and Sampling

Occasionally our surveyors will be asked to carry out a survey to see if asbestos is present. This is usually carried prior to any refurbishment works and will involve taking a small sample of the material that is suspected to contain asbestos material.  The samples are sent back to the AEC laboratory for analysis and the results are sent to your landlord.

We estimate the survey will take approximately between 45 minutes – 1 hr.

If you can no longer attend the appointment time, please call us as soon as possible to re-arrange a new time.  You can contact us on :  Telephone 0161 676997 or 0151 5417479. You can also email us at: [email protected]


* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.