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Edsential Education Centre

Edsential Education Centre

Anglesey, Wales · 5 August, 2018
Service: Asbestos Project Management
Sector: Education


The Conway Centre in Anglesey was built in 1964 and was originally designed as a merchant marine training schools for boys. The site consists of a complex of buildings many of which are Grade 1 listed. Today, the centre accommodates over 18,000 pupils and teachers each year for educational residential trips.

The ceiling tiles in the Main Hall date back to the 1960’s and were identified as asbestos containing during historical surveys and subsequent annual condition inspections. Following a water leak, an AEC Senior Project Manager conducted an inspection of the ceiling tiles and voids above to identify the best course of action regarding the damage and the next steps to safely manage the tiles.

AEC produced a technical specification for the works that outlined the approach to safely complete the removal works, before the re-instatement of the acoustic ceiling could commence. This was classed as a priority project to minimise any potential risk to building occupancy. Alongside the technical specification AEC also provided advice on:

• Health & Safety requirements during removal

• Full scope of asbestos removal works and removal design considerations

• Tender documentation for contractors and the procurement process

Access to the site, methodology for reaching all aspects of the removal area, and careful scaffold and enclosure design were needed to ensure the project was completed in the timescale given. During this fully controlled and enclosed asbestos removal work, AEC had on-site attendance to conduct reassurance, leak and personal air monitoring around the removal enclosure.

AEC project managed the removal contractor, budgets, and delivered a high standard of compliance at all times by ensuring all workers adhered to Health and Safety guidelines, current UK legislation and best working practices.

Client Review:

“On every occasion we have worked with AEC they have been extremely thorough, professional and quick to sort out reports that have resulted in work being conducted. Their help in respect of the Main Hall was invaluable”.

Debbie Cottam, Head of Residential Services -Edsential Education Centre 

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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