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Construction dusts: Rethink the risks

Read about construction dusts and how to protect yourself from them.
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A duty holder’s view of 2023

Here are the health & safety events that defined 2023, and why they matter today
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AEC Sponsors Widnes Vikings Women’s Team

AEC are proud support Widnes Vikings Women's Team
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Employee Ownership Trust

AEC transition to an Employee-Owned Trust

AEC are taking their staff to the next level through an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).
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Asbestos Exposure: What HSE’s latest statistics do and don’t tell us

Read the key learnings we can take from the official HSE statistics.
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Occupational exposure to asbestos: what it is, and what duty holders need to know

Read what duty holders need to know about occupational exposure in their buildings.
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Asbestos in NHS trusts: What you need to know

Duty Holders: Find answers to common questions about asbestos safety in NHS hospitals.
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Legionella: Lessons from the Bibby Stockholm case

39 asylum seekers housed on the ‘Bibby Stockholm’ barge in Dorset were removed following the discovery of Legionella.
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Asbestos in Social Housing: Things to know

Social Housing Managers: Your asbestos management questions are answered here.
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Schools: Act Now on Asbestos

Read why AEC's Technical Director, Darren Evans, welcomes The Times 'Act Now on Asbestos’ campaign.
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Asbestos Awareness Training: Your legal responsibility

This simple guide answers every question about asbestos awareness training.
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Asbestos: 5 Crucial Questions Answered

Here we answer 5 crucial questions about asbestos.
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* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.