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Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College

Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College

Hereford, UK · 2 November, 2020
Service: Occupational Hygiene & Exposure Monitoring
Sector: Further Education


AEC were approached by the college’s health and safety team to carry out occupational hygiene exposure monitoring and workplace noise risk assessments within workshops across the Hereford and the Home Lacy campuses.


Occupational Hygiene Exposure Monitoring Assessments
Exposure monitoring was required for a range of COSHH regulated substances within the workshops / teaching areas across both campus locations. Across the site there are several purpose-built workshops and training facilities catering for the practical teaching of various disciplines including brick work, carpentry, plumbing, motor vehicle repairs, welding and blacksmith forges. Activities within the workshop / teaching areas can create a range of hazardous substances, which if not sufficiently controlled can give rise to a series of health issues including respiratory illness and associated health concerns. Therefore it is vital to undertake regular monitoring and assess control measures in order to reduce risk and ensure workplace exposure limits are not exceeded.


Workplace Noise Risk Assessments
Due to the possible presence of elevated noise levels within a number of workshops / teaching areas across both campus locations, a series of workplace noise risk assessments were undertaken in order to assess typical noise exposure levels, while staff and students carried out normal daily activities. Noise levels were sampled using both a sound level meter to collect spot measurement data and personal dosimeters in order to estimate an individual’s daily noise exposure.


AEC continue to support Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College with their regular compliance programme delivering services on time and within budget to enable them to maintain high levels of compliance at all times.

Client Review:

“When planning our monitoring exercise, we naturally obtained a number of quotes. We selected AEC Ltd, partly on cost effectiveness but also on the pre-survey service they offered which included a free site visit to accurately assess the monitoring required. All the staff we dealt with were professional and knowledgeable. The written reports were comprehensive, timely and as well as detailing legal requirements, also offered best practice recommendations”.

Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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