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NSG – Pilkington UK

NSG – Pilkington UK

Various Sites, UK · 21 December, 2023
Service: Exposure monitoring, workplace noise and hand arm vibration risk assessments.
Sector: Manufacturing


The NSG Group operate a strong health and safety culture and the manufacturer appointed AEC to deliver a regular programme of services including occupational hygiene exposure monitoring, workplace noise and hand arm vibration risk assessments. Due to the nature of the business, NSG regularly undertake operations involving COSHH regulated substances, and which can also generate potential elevated noise levels and vibration risks.


Occupational Hygiene Exposure Monitoring
AEC have undertaken exposure monitoring within a number of differing areas across NSG Pilkington UK sites for a range of substances including silica, diesel fumes, RCF, metals, NOx, SO2 etc


Hand-arm vibration assessments
HAV assessments have also been carried out to determine if operatives undergoing various activities that involve the use of powered hand-tools or the like, are being exposed to elevated levels of vibration above those detailed within current guidance.


Noise Assessments
Workplace noise risk assessments were also carried out to measure the sound exposure levels, which operatives undertaking various activities across sites were exposed to.

Client Review:

“AEC carry out all of our monitoring from noise assessments, to air monitoring for respirable silica and hand-arm vibration assessments for tools used across our sites. The hygienists are very knowledgeable and flexible to our shift patterns and the monitoring is always carried out in a safe manner. The reports are returned quickly and although they are of a technical nature, a simple summary with recommendations is very useful to share with the team. AEC are highly recommended and we will continue to use them in the coming years”. 

NSG – Pilkington UK

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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