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Stockport Homes

Stockport Homes

North West · 21 October, 2023
Service: Asbestos Survey
Sector: Housing


Since 2019, AEC have worked in partnership with Stockport Homes, delivering asbestos consultancy services with a focus on quality and delivery. SHG’s strategy also set an ambitious target to survey 85% of their domestic portfolio.

Through working together in partnership, Stockport Homes and AEC have achieved asbestos surveys of over 85.7% of their housing stock, a figure they believe is amongst the highest for a UK Housing Association. Over a 3-year period, AEC surveyors have conducted over 54,500 surveys, with over 91,000 samples analysed at our in-house laboratory.

With the majority of surveys taking place within the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the partnership approach between the two organisations has been paramount in ensuring customers felt comfortable in the work taking place.  The dual approach to contacting customers ensured their experience and the messaging they received remained consistent.


Additional Touchpoints
To arrange appointments, the AEC homes planning team contact each resident to book a suitable date and time for the surveyor to attend site, explaining the process and what to expect when the AEC surveyors are on site. A text message confirmation is sent to the resident. Surveyors will also get in touch in advance of arriving on site, if requested by the resident at the time of booking, as well as ensuring they understand the nature of the work being carried out when they arrive on site. This ensures the resident always informed, providing them with clear points of contact and detailed information throughout the process.

Data Management
Prior to working with AEC, Stockport Homes were much more reactive in their management of the asbestos in their stock, dealing with regular emergencies. Through close management of their property portfolio, they can rely on clear, accurate data, rather than cloned data which is inconsistent and could pose risks to both customers and contractors.

“We owe it to our customers to give them that information and manage it in the best way possible. AEC enable us to do that effectively.” – Andy Brown M&E Manager – SHG


The AEC team devised a series of additional processes and protocols, which has ensured the contract has remained on-track and that the KPIs have been consistently met or exceeded. On target delivery, providing clear and trusted data has given the Stockport Homes team the data they need, ahead of their planned capital project timescales.

Client Review:

“There was trust and communication from all sides, ensuring our customers’ confidence in us as their housing association was retained throughout the difficult pandemic period, and beyond.”

Amy Greenwood, Customer Safety Coordinator – Stockport Homes

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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