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Control of Legionella and Water Hygiene services to maintain healthy water supplies. Reports available 24/7 on the client portal.

Our experienced water consultancy team can advise on a wide range of water related issues to help you maintain safe water systems.
Legionella risk assessments are carried out by AEC qualified assessors and involves physical and administrative checks on your water system and its component parts.
Our experts will work with you to develop tailored solutions and document clearly how you intend to achieve them.  Track and record the progress of remedial actions, record  on-going monitoring tasks to ensure your systems remain safe.
Ensure that your risk assessments remain accurate and valid. We can carry out ‘regular’ reviews of your legionella risk assessments.
Water system inspections are undertaken periodically (typically on an annual basis) by AEC water hygiene engineers. These inspections are carried out primarily to ensure that the key assets in a water system, such as cold water storage tanks and calorifiers, remain in a hygienic condition and free of sediment, scale and biofilm.
Our engineers will monitor your system for any potential maintenance issues so you can avoid expensive system breakdowns, repairs, and downtime.  This service is designed to help prevent system failure and can increase water system efficiency and lifespan.
Remedial tasks and plumbing alterations to reduce the risk of Legionella in water systems
Legionella sampling and all types of water testing can be carried out on a one-off or contract basis.  Our approved partner laboratories analyse water samples for a range of parameters including: Legionella, total bacterial count, coliforms and e-coli as required.
Manual or remote temperature checks are available – typically undertaken at sentinel points (near and far outlets) and outlets typically identified in the risk assessment.  Results, risk items and actions are available to view in real time on our Water Management Portal. 
AEC will carry out your annual Thermostatic mixer valve (TMV) servicing on an annual basis. We have water hygienists DBS checked to work in industry sectors with young or vulnerable people (such as hospitals, sheltered accommodation and schools).
In accordance with ACoP L8 guidance our team water engineers are experienced to carry out your quarterly programme of showerhead cleaning. Experienced to work in settings such as university campus, sheltered housing and hospitals you can be confident we can manage large-scale programmes with efficiency and sensitivity required when working in personal environments.
Our engineers ensure your hot water cylinders are cleaned of the build up of sludge, rust and detritus to maintain a healthy water system and reducing the risk of legionella , as recommended by HSG274 Part 2.

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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