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Quality Assured Consultancy

Asbestos surveys, testing and management plans by our own in-house experts. UKAS accredited laboratories to EN ISO 17025.

This survey is required to manage ACMs during the normal occupation and use of premises and allows duty holders to safely manage asbestos in compliance with the CAR 2012.
This intrusive survey is required where the premises, or part of it, is being refurbished or demolished. The survey aims to locate and identify all ACMs so it can be removed, before any structural work begins.
Periodic inspections are designed to highlight any deterioration in the condition of ACMs during the normal use of the premises.
Drop off your samples at one of our in-house laboratories (UKAS accredited to EN ISO 17025) for accurate and quick results.
If you suspect asbestos containing materials (ACMs) during your work, AEC can attend site to take a sample. Same day results service ensures your programme of works are not disrupted.

Air monitoring

Our analytical team offers reassurance air testing, background air testing,  leak air testing  and personal air testing. Fast 24/7 emergency call out available.
AEC soil surveyors assess land for asbestos-contamination, both on the surface and beneath, using trial pits. Inspection and testing services are carried out by our partner UKAS laboratories that are accredited for all 3 stages of soil analysis.
End-to end solutions to safely manage your asbestos removal projects, on time and on budget.

* AEC is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, air testing and bulk sample analysis only.

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